Elle Marja, 14, is a reindeer-breeding Sámi girl. Exposed to the racism of the 1930’s and race biology examinations at her boarding school, she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life, she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.

Director’s Statement

Many older Samis left everything behind and became Swedish and I’ve always wondered; what happens to you if you cut all ties with your culture and history? And can you really become someone else?
Sameblod is a declaration of love to those who left and stayed –  told from Elle Marja’s perspective. I wanted to make a film where we see the Sámi society from within, a film where we experience this dark part of Swedish colonial history in a physical way. A film with yoik and blood.
-Amanda Kernell
key cast and crew
prdocution notes

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